Monday, August 30, 2010

Wishing I was sewing!

Life has been crazy around here. CRAZY. I've been running from one thing to another - to another - to another! This past weekend alone I had a block party, a bridal shower, a baby shower, and my own wedding anniversary to celebrate. I wish I could have another weekend to recover from my weekend!

Phew! Anyway - here are a few snapshots from our trip to Navy Pier for the Tall Ships festival! Yes, it was just as fantastic as it looks!

We didn't get to sail on any of the ships, but we did get to board some of the ships at the pier.

We also strolled through Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, which I NEVER KNEW was at Navy Pier!

And the perfect end to a perfect evening, watching the fireworks with the tall ship Bounty as a backdrop.

Things should even out here in the next week or two. I sure wish I was sewing!


elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Those pics are great! You have been a busy lady!

Terriaw said...

What a fabulous weekend! I have always wanted to see those Tall Ships and keep missing them. Have always wanted to check out Navy Pier in summer too, but never get around to it. So happy to see them both through your lense!

Papgena Made It said...

I totally related! Some weekends seem to have more than 48 hours (and not enough time for everything)!!!
Congratulations on your anniversary!!

a good yarn said...

That's one hectic weekend. Sounds like you need a holiday! Great pix too. ann...