Friday, January 4, 2013

Reorganizing for the New Year

I posted some tips and tutorials today over at, all on the subject of getting your sewing space organized and ready for a new year of sewing. Check it out right here. And yes, I posted because I am actually in the process of getting reorganized.

I realized a few months ago that my sewing room (although it looksed good) could be set up better - and could be more efficient.

That small kitchen table right in the middle of the room, which works great for occasionally sewing on, is in the way of moving between the cutting table, the ironing board, and the other sewing machines. So! I've spent the last three days moving EVERYTHING around, and I found a much better way to make it work! Right now it is a total disaster, stuff is absolutely everywhere and I'm going through the process of finding a place for everything.

It will probably be another few days before the dust settles, at which point I'll be sure to snap a few photos and share the completely reorganized sewing room with you. And at that point I do believe I will be ready to start sewing in the new year!

What about you? Do you feel the need to get organized/reorganize at the beginning of the year? What tips or tricks do you have for keeping your sewing stuff in the right place?

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