Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Day in the Life...

I struggle to blog on a regular basis, not because I have nothing to share, but because I struggle with finding the time. (I bet some of you know what I mean, right?) Today I'm sharing with you what I do on a typical, any-day weekday so when I'm NOT blogging you have a little idea of what's keeping me busy!

First comes waking up to start my day.

Mmmmm, tea!
Confession - I am really not a first-thing-in-the-morning person! I need a little time to wake up and get moving. Fidget, on the other hand, is ready to go the minute she opens her peepers - which means she is talking, singing, questioning, running, jumping, skipping, bouncing, and generally fidgeting around while I'm still trying to get my bearings. Sometimes I tell Fidget we're having a "Quiet Morning" until after momma finishes her cup of tea. Yep, I am a total dork, I really do love my BERNINA cup for drinking tea! After breakfast we dress and get ready for the day. And by this time I'm usually awake, so any imposed Quiet Morning rules are lifted! Since I work from home, this is the time that I start my work day by firing up the laptop and logging in.

My desk, AKA dining room table.
I work with a team from BERNINA USA helping to manage the company's social media, and I also complete writing assignments for the blog. (Did you know BERNINA USA is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter?) I'm usually the main person responding to fans at BERNINA USA's various social media pages, but there are still other BERNINA team members who have an eye on the social media and might answer a question or two. I have an entire cast of characters from BERNINA to help me answer questions that fans might ask, because although I know a lot about sewing stuff and BERNINA products, I can't know it all! When I'm finished with a little morning work, we walk to school.

Off to school!

While she's there, I spend the whole time working; keeping up with the Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, writing blog posts for, and managing calendars and spreadsheets. Sometimes work includes conference calls with the BERNINA USA team.

Conference call with the team.
After school it's Fidget Time! We walk back home, and she is usually (still) totally full of energy and ready for more play.
Home again, home again.
Any house chores or errands usually fit into this time of our day, like getting ready for dinner or doing laundry, which can sometimes be a challenge with a totally fidgety 4 year old. The rest of the day is all regular stuff; dinner and clean-up, packing tomorrow's lunch, bath time, pajama time, bedtime.
After Fidget's bed time is usually catch-up time for me. Time to finish up any last minute work stuff, or unfinished house chores. And then, before I know it, the day is over. So you see, although it may seem like I have all the time in the world being a stay-at-home, work-from-home mom, my days are absolutely full to the brim. But good to the last drop.

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Debbie Rogowski said...

It's nice to see the human side of your blogging :)