Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Little Landscape

I just finished this little landscape quilt, kind of an experiment. It measures about 27" across by 29" tall.

Little Landscape - sunrise over Austin
The inspiration was a photo I snapped of the sunrise over the outskirts of Austin from my hotel room at QuiltCon earlier this year. 
Little landscape - sunrise detail
The sunrise is pieced with scraps in strips first, then cut, moved around, and sewn back together again.
Little landscape - city detail
And the ground, which was buildings and streets, was just imrov pieced with scraps. I thought I might make a much larger landscape like this next, but after finishing this I'm not interested in making another one. Instead, I'm going to take what I learned and make something different.
Of course I'm also still trying to work through the pile of unfinished projects on my table! This was one, and now I'm down to maybe three or four! Let's see, there's two baby quilts to make, a picnic top to quilt, a charity quilt to complete...ummm...and I think that's it for now! When I get caught up with my pile of projects - then I'll move on to my next landscape!
What about you - are you keeping up with your pile of projects? Or are your projects getting the best of you this summer?


Donna said...

This is wonderful. Name: Sunrise over Chicago. What a fabulous variation of this design!

J said...

This is really lovely! Well done.

Mary Colter said...

Very, very nice! Would love to see it in person.

Jo said...

Love the skyline!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Jo! I was a little stuck on how to make the "city" part, but I think it turned out well!