Thursday, March 17, 2016

Polyester Red and White Quilt: A Good Find!

I just picked up this vintage red and white hexi flower quilt in Wisconsin last weekend and had to share it with you! I saw it peeking out from underneath an afghan in an antique store, and had to take a closer look - and then couldn't leave the store without this.

The top is hand pieced from vintage polyester fabrics, measuring 64" wide by 78" tall. What do you think these scraps were before they became a quilt-a leisure suit or maybe a 60's A-line mini dress? Look at all the texture in these fabrics, they're fantastic!

It was in pretty good shape, just needed a few repairs on the top where some of the pieces were coming apart.

The simple quilting makes loop-de-loops over each and every hexi.

And there's lots of different fabrics in this quilt, four different reds and I can't even count all the different patterns and textures of white. 

The backing is plain muslin, and the binding is nicely done in red, following along the hexagonal edges of two sides of the quilt.

Best of all, it's got my favorite color - RED! Love it!


Bill Volckening said...

Great find! :)

Michelle said...

Very nice find! I would've picked that up too!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great find! I have 2 different double knit quilt tops, from family members. One is also a hexie. The corduroy hexie flowers that they used, with the double knit hexies, shredded, so, I still need to make a couple of new, double knit hexies for that one.

P. said...

That is awesome. Go Badgers! :)