Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting prepared!

I've just finished stitching up a stack of Sew or die! needlebooks, all ready for the upcoming Sew to Survive a Zombie Attack event. Now the only things left to do are kit up the supplies, double-check all my notes on zombies and zombie attacks, and pack up everything for the class in about two weeks.

Seriously, this class is going to be FUN to teach. I am so excited about this event I can hardly wait!

Buckets O' Blood Books and Records located in the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago is hosting the first Sew to Survive event! Specializing in Speculative Fiction-Fantasy, Horror, Vinyl and Awesome, this is about the best place you could ever imagine taking a sewing class specializing in surviving an all out zombie attack. For real.

In fact, you might even leave with a few awesome books and records after class - you know, to help you start devising your zombie survival plan.

After originally posting about the Sew to Survive event idea, I was contacted by Anne Kenlon from GreenStitch, a blog and podcast about chatting with Anne about the Sew to Survive class. Anne and I had a really great chat (she is a fabulous interviewer!) and she's included the interview at the end of her podcast GreenStitch Episode 32 - Spring, spring, spring. Anne's podcast is dedicated to the creativity of sewing to solve problems, pinch a few pennies, and even to repurpose to do a little good for Mother Earth. Check it out for some great ideas on the age-old idea of making do!


Firefly said...

I'm so jealous! Wish I could be there to check it out. The needlebooks look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I really need to make that needle book for my DIL! She would love it, and use it!