Singer 15-125


I'm in the process of cleaning out my machine storage closet, and realized that I never shared my 1956-58 Singer model 15-125. Let me introduce you to this green wonder!

This model is a basic upgrade to the very popular model 15-91, and was the last of the direct-drive potted motor straight stitch only machines.

The changes to this model 15 were all cosmetic, including a more streamlined head and two-toned green colors. Even the cords and foot control were updated to match the new color scheme.

Even the light casing and cord are green, which looks pretty good with all that gold branding.

The machine sews as well as any of the other 15 class Singer's I've tried, and makes a great straight stitch. I'd say the color is both this model's strong point but also the biggest drawback. 

Where it's easy to touch up knicks, scratches, and dings on a black Japanned model, this enamel paint would be really difficult to find an exact match for. And mine has several dings all along the leading edge of the bed, and some other little pings on the head. But she sews great, making that perfect straight stitch that makes the Singer 15 class famous!


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