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60's Supergraphic Curvy Lines Quilt Tutorial

I've been really infatuated with designer and artist  Barbara Stauffacher Solomon and her circa 1960's supergraphics. I dig what a big impact these designs have with such limited shapes and colors. The uncomplicated nature of the designs just make me happy - maybe because it's a stark contrast to the constant and troublesome news feeds of our day. These supergraphic designs inspired me to create a simple mini-quilt to hang in my studio. This quilt is made with just 3 different appliqué blocks that stitch together quickly. This little quilt definitely throws some retro vibes! If you like it, you can find a FREE tutorial that includes a downloadable PDF template for making the blocks at BERNINA's WeAllSew blog! If you do decide to stitch up a Curvy Lines Quilt, please share photos and tag @erika_mulvenna on the IG's so I can enjoy your creation!

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