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Transparency Block Quilt

  Here's my most recent finish made from some transparency study blocks I made over the period of a few months. This comes from an exercise in finding solid-colored fabrics that create the illusion of overlapping transparent shapes (usually created with colored paper). This is an experiment straight out of Josef Albers book, Interaction of Color , finding pieces of colored paper that look as if two hues overlap to blend into a new hue. I wanted to create a pieced block that would help to create the illusion of intersecting shapes, I sketched out a few ideas, and fooled around until I found something that worked. I worked by making half-blocks (pictured above) concentrating on finding a group of fabrics to create that illusion of transparency. I worked only with solid-colored fabrics I had on hand in the scrap bin, so this became a fun puzzle of what could work! Some of these pairings worked better than others, but that was part of the fun. The other part of the puzzle was pairing u

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