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Mini Memory Quilt Made With Ties

  I just put the finishing touches on this mini memory quilt made from my late stepfather's ties. Finished size is 24" x 24" square. I wanted to find a pattern that would make use of the stripes in the ties to add some dimensionality and movement to the blocks (pictured above before quilting). Each block was paper pieced using tracing paper to allow for matching the stripes together in the blocks. The "background" of each block is a dark gray shirting material, and the "top" of each block is a white shirting. Straight line quilting adds to the shape of each 8" block. I'm happy with the final results! A bit easier to see the 1/2" spaced quilted lines from the back of the piece. I plan to make more mini-quilts like this one. My stepfather had SO MANY ties, it's incredible! I mean, while he was still alive he passed on a huge duffle bag full of ties to me, and I made a quilt for him out of some favorites in 2016 (pictured below, quilt si

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