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Quick Handmade Holiday Gifts to Sew

 Here are 5 free project tutorials that you can stitch together quickly for last minute gifts! Make a quickly quilted scissor holder with a scrap of batting and two 8" x 11" pieces of fabric. It's by far my most popular DIY with hundreds of makers checking it out each day and does make a fantastic gift for anyone who sews. Perfect for holding one large pair of shears and a smaller pair of thread snips, plus a few other must-have tools. Aprons never really go out of style, and a half-apron is still a useful kitchen tool. Learn how to make a simple half-apron using exactly one yard of fabric with a no-waste pattern in this One Yard "Use-it-all" Tutorial . Customize the apron to reflect the giftee's style! Keep it simple with a large print or solid colored fabric, or go nuts by adding ricrac, lace, or other extras. These Snack Wrapper Wallets are a project I did years ago, and they began trending again this year. They are fun, incredibly easy, and have two in

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