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NEW Color Classes & Workshops

I'm super excited to announce the launch of a brand-new lecture and workshop series for quilters all about working with color!  My approach to teaching color is  completely unique , focusing on the science behind color perception and a look at the history of our current (sometimes outdated) ideas of using color. You'll find a new understanding of color through hands-on exercises and class discussion, plus the skills to explore, expand, and employ your own personal color sensibility. I've created a lecture about the color wheel that answers all the questions you might have surrounding this tool, such as "Why should I use a color wheel for quilting? What is the deal with color combinations or harmonies, are they really magically perfect? Where did the color wheel come from, and what even IS a color wheel anyway?" You'll leave the lecture with a deeper understanding of the color wheel and how to apply it to quilting. Although we all have the same hardware to perc

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