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Pride in America: Disposable Dress Circa 1995

If you've been an artist or maker for many years, you can probably relate to stumbling across something made years earlier and seeing it as if someone else has made it. I started spring cleaning early this year, and cleaned out my closet space last weekend. In the way back of the closet I found this piece I made almost 25 years ago as part of my final BFA show. On first glance this looks totally like real fabric, like a pretty pattern and shiny, solid colored chintz accessories. But this piece was made entirely from materials made to be thrown away.   The dress fabric is made from vintage disposable curtains from the 1950's, fully lined with a white paper disposable tablecloth. The belt and jacket are made from a red plastic disposable tablecloth. I used a vintage 1950's dress pattern to make the dress, although I can't remember which one (it may be in my studio closet, but that's an absolute disaster until I clean it out ;). The hangar is a typical type of disposab

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