DIY Japanese Noren Door Curtains


I recently got tired of walking down the hallway and seeing laundry-in-progress happening in our upstairs laundry room. Laundry day often includes clothes all over the floor, baskets of laundry, clothes drying on the rack, and random cats hanging out in piles of whatever. I was looking for a solution that didn't include adding an actual door because we get so much good light in the hallway from the window.

I decided to give some short curtain panels (inspired by traditional Japanese Noren) a try to block the view but still let air and light through. They look good and do allow quite a bit of light through to the hallway, and I no longer see a laundry day mess when I walk by!

I shared a tutorial for making these simple door curtains at BERNINA's WeAllSew blog here, enjoy the freebie!

And as a bonus, the cats can still move freely back and forth without any effort!


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