Quilted Scissors Holder Tutorial

The inspiration for my quilted scissors holder came directly from Vicky's Fabric Creations Folded Fabric Scissor Holder Tutorial. Vicky's clever scissors holder features a custom monogram on the front, and is made from two pieces of fabric.

This version of the scissors holder features two layers of fabric quilted with thin batting, making it perfect for storing and protecting your favorite scissors or sewing tools. It's so super easy to make, you'll want to stitch one to gift to everyone you know who loves to sew.

1 81/2" x 11" plain piece of paper
Paper or craft scissors
Sewing machine with walking foot
Rotary cutter, mat, and clear acrylic ruler
Two fat quarters of fabric (one for each side of the scissor/tool holder)
One scrap of cotton batting 10" x 12"
Matching threads
Iron and ironing board

First, make the pattern for the scissor holder.

Grab the piece of paper, ruler, pencil, and paper/craft scissors.

Begin by folding the bottom edge of the paper over to meet the left edge, resulting in a triangle. Crease the folded edge well.

Fold the creased edge again over to meet the left edge of the paper - and it will almost look like you're making a paper airplane. Crease the folded edge well.

Open the folded piece of paper like so.

Using the ruler and pencil, mark a line on each of the folds. Next, number each section made by the folds starting with number 1 at the top left of the page, moving to the right. There will be 4 numbered sections.

Now take section #1 and fold it over to meet the line between section #2 and #3.

Take sections #3 and #4, and fold them across the folded section #1.

And finally, take section #4 and fold it back along the crease - and you will see the pattern start to take shape.

Fold the pointed end of the pattern over to meet the top edge of section #4, just like in the photo above. Crease the fold well.

Open the folded end, and cut along the crease with the paper/craft scissors.

Open the folds, and there you have your pattern for the scissors holder.

The very last step in making the pattern is to mark about a 3 1/2" opening along the left edge of section #1. This opening is used to turn the scissors holder right side out.

Great, you've got your pattern all ready to go! A few quick tips before we move on to sewing.

  • When grabbing fabrics to use for the scissors holder, try to find two fabrics that really contrast against each other. This will make the different sections of the scissors holder really pop when the project is completed. Think different colors or complementary colors, one big print and one small print, one light or one dark, etc.
  • Try to use a medium to lightweight cotton for this project. Home dec weight fabrics or similar (like denim or canvas) will make it nearly impossible to sew through the many folded layers.
  • Use a thinner batting for this project - I used regular Warm and Natural with great results. Stuff that's thicker will make it too difficult to sew through multiple layers.

Let's sew the scissors holder.

Place the two pieces of fabric for the holder right sides together, and pin your pattern piece on top. Using a rotary cutter and ruler, add 1/4" to the outside of the pattern when cutting (for the seam allowance).

After cutting the fabric, roughly cut the batting scrap to fit - we'll trim it down after stitching. Pin together through all layers, making sure to leave open the space marked on the pattern for turning. Stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance from the edge of the fabric, pivoting at the corners. Use a walking foot if you have one (the walking foot will help move the layers through the sewing machine to prevent bunching up or puckering).

After stitching, cut the batting even with the fabric edges. Clip all corners and notch the pivots of the inside curved stitching as pictured above.

At the opening, grab between the two pieces of fabrics, and turn the scissors holder right side out. Use a point turner or chopstick to gently push out the corners. Press flat, turning the opening under 1/4".

Next, quilt as desired. You can do any quilting design you choose! I used my walking foot to do some straight lines.

Make sure you quilt a few stitches over the opening, which will eventually be stitched to the inside of the scissors holder, hidden from view.

Next, find your paper pattern again, and line up the quilted scissors holder right on top of the pattern.

Use the pencil line between section #1 and #2 as a guide to fold over section #1 as show. Press well. Then press again - press the heck out of it!

Line the scissors holder back up with the pattern again, and use the pencil line between section #2 and #3 as a guide to fold over as shown. Press, press, press, and press again.

Fold the last remaining section back over the top, and you will see the scissors holder finally take shape. Press. Press again. Press from the back, too!

Open the pressed scissors holder up, and stitch section #1 down at the very edge of section #2 still using the walking foot. 

Now flip the whole thing over, and stitch section #4 down to section #3 at the very outside edge with the walking foot.

Fold the scissors holder back together, and you will see there's only one seam left to sew along the left hand edge and bottom. I stitched close to the very edge using the walking foot.

If you are having issues with your sewing machine handling all of these layers, then you may want to hand stitch the side seam, and add a few strong tacking stitches to the bottom edges to make sure the bottom of the pockets stay closed.

The finished holder will easily fit three pairs of scissors! But I've found that I like to also add a few of my most-used tools to the holder as well as the pairs of scissors I can't live without. That's a small pair of thread snips, a chopstick, a large pair of dressmaking shears, a sewing gauge, and a vintage tool that doubles as both a crochet hook and bodkin.

And it all fits quite nicely!


This is great, thanks. After I make one myself, I may demo this at my little quilt guild (linking back to this post, of course). Thanks again.
Anne said…
Wonderful!! I've got a Craft Gossip post that links to your tutorial here:
Erika Mulvenna said…
Thanks so much Cheryl! I did a demo on these at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild yesterday, it was very well received and everyone is excited to give it a try!
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hey Anne, thanks so much - that's a great little write up you gave the post! Best - Erika
Unknown said…
This is way too cute,,,thanks, I'm off to my sewing machine to make the holder....
Unknown said…
I had been wondering what to get my sewing class as a gift.

Sherry said…
Looks great! Thanks for sharing your tutorial x
Erika Mulvenna said…
Thanks "Unknown" for visiting my blog, and I'm so glad you like the tutorial. Hope you enjoy making a scissors holder! - Erika
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hey Sherry - you're welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by and your nice comment. Cheers! - Erika
Sarah said…
Lovely project! I'm lining up a few of these for Xmas gifts. Thank you!
Erika Mulvenna said…
Sarah, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy making some scissors holders, they do make great gifts. I've just finished a pile to give away. :-) Erika
Erika Mulvenna said…
You're welcome Dolores, hope you enjoy the project! - Erika
Unknown said…
Thank you for this wonderful idea/tutorial. I could not think what to give my quilting friends for Christmas until I saw this on your blog.
Just super!
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hey, thanks so much Denise! I gave lots of these away this year, they are very well loved gifts. Happy stitching! - Erika
Unknown said…
Thank you very much I will have fun have 3 ready to sew now and just thought I would make some for our Quilt shows market place this summer too!
Elizabeth Rose said…
Thanks so much for the tutorial. A group of us used it at our week long sew-in in October. Posted about it on the Canberra Quilters blog http://canberraquilters.org.au/desperation-week-2015/ (The week was called Desperation Week because we were desperate to get things done for the end of the year)
Have also made them in a smaller size using A5 paper for the pattern.
Erika Mulvenna said…
Elizabeth, thanks for you sweet comments, and I love the tool holders your group made! Oh, those mini's are too cute. Happy stitching! - Erika
Macsews said…
Your instructions were excellent, clearly written with great pictures! I am really happy with the finished product. The only difficulty I had was sewing the final seam across the bottom, my machine just didn't like the thickness close to the edge so I ended up sewing a little higher up.
I will definitely use my pattern again to make gifts. Thanks again, Jane
Erika Mulvenna said…
Thanks so much Macsews! Yes, that bottom part can be really thick, right? Luckily, my sewing machine powered right through it. You can always hand-stitch that part closed if needed. Happy stitaching! - Erika
Anonymous said…
Thanks your pattern was very easy to follow. I must say my first attempt came our very well. It's the perfect gift for my "Little" from Big Brothers Big Sister. I'm teaching her how to sew! Thanks again...
Jil said…
Hi, Erika. :) Wow--this tutorial was very easy to follow--I appreciate that, as I have a lot of trouble with spatial relations! :) Thank you.
Erika Mulvenna said…
Thanks so much Jil! Happy sewing - Erika
J Cochran said…
I love this idea! I can't wait to make one!
I would like to ask permission to use your pattern (with credit to you, of course) as a demo at the local quilt show our guild is putting on this Fall. It looks very easy to understand and I think it would be perfect for our show. Thank you!
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hi J Cochran, and thanks for visiting me at Miss Sews-it-all! Yes, please share with a demo, and pass on the information on making the easy pattern. I demo'd this a few years ago with my guild right before the winter holidays, and many of these were made and gifted that year. :) Happy sewing! - Erika
J Cochran said…
Erika-Thank you so much! I will be sure to pass on your info. I am so excited, I may have to make a few dozen samples. Lol! - Julie
Anonymous said…
Thankyou very much for this simple yet very useful tutorial. I appreciate it very much. :)
Torry said…
I was looking for a tutorial on how to make these and found yours. It is clear and easy to follow. I've made the pattern and hope to get a few done by Christmas. There's time, right? ; )

I love that you are so generous with use of your tutorial. I plan to make a pattern for my 83 year old mother, as she doesn't do computers much. Thank you.
debra jamison said…
I saw this scissor keeper/holder in my favorite quilt shop. I asked for the pattern and the ladies directed me here. I'm making some for myself. Love this cute pattern!
Erika Mulvenna said…
Oh my gosh, thank you so much to Torry and debra for visiting Miss Sews-it-all and your nice comments on the Scissors Holder!

I too am planning to stitch up a couple more of these for holiday gifts. ;)

Happy stitching! - Erika
Unknown said…
Thank you so much!!!
Cant wait to make one.
And for gifts for my sewing classmates.
Erika Mulvenna said…
Thanks Unknown, and I hope you enjoy making some of these as gifts! I just whipped one up in less than an hour to gift to my stylist for the holidays - she loved it! - Erika
Anonymous said…
Made this the other night. Thanks so much. I might make more for guild gifts.
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for posting this pattern. It is quick and easy to make a so very cute. It will also be great for gifts.
Susan said…
That is clever paper folding. Thank you so much for this idea and tutorial.
Karen LLOYD said…
I've tried these before but this tutorial beats the others, hands down, and such a clever way to get the pattern. Hoping to demo this for Christmas Crafts course during lockdown here in the UK! Thanks so much for sharing
Lynnette said…
Can you please send me the pattern as I can't find it on your post! thanks
Erica, what great instructions for a wonderful sewing gift. Making several for our Quilt Expo in August. Adding some decorations such as buttons, rick rack and lace. Was referred to your site by a friend and it is now making the rounds at our church sewing bee.

Since it is now 2022, this is proof that "good Ideas" that are shared by our Quilting friends are "timeless". Thank you. Your new Texas Connection
Ayresdream said…
Great instructions. Just finished mine. It was my first project using a pattern.
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hey @Ayresdream, thanks so much for visiting my blog and checking out the project! I'm happy to hear you were able to finish your scissors holder. Happy stitching! - Erika
Katoom said…
Thank you so much. I can't wait to try this for gifts. it seems like a special,lovely project. I like that you take time to answer your comments. God bless you. Katoom
Clare said…
Thanks so much for the pattern, I have really enjoyed making it this afternoon, really great instructions to follow and one of my first attempts at quilting. I’m going to make my Mum one next! Thanks again

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