Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little Sewing Pattern Serendipity

Earlier this week we stumbled upon a tiny house with a small yard sale while running errands. Of course we stopped to look, and while digging around I found some apron goodies!

I've been collecting apron patterns for awhile, and these are all patterns I haven't seen before. I love that Butterick Harlequin apron, especially the red checks. And how cute is this Simplicity apron with the pockets cleverly tucked into the trim?

This one is my favorite, a Betty Grable apron pattern from the 1940's, and I just adore the two-toned apron described as a "tea apron with godets and belt".

The best part about these goodies is that the woman who originally owned these patterns and stitched up the aprons lived a few blocks from our house. I can just imagine her cooking dinner while wearing an apron, and stepping out to the front porch to call the kids in for supper. It's those little moments, those mundane parts of the day too easily forgotten that vintage aprons bring to mind.

And that's why I keep on collecting them. So, it must be serendipity that I found these awesome apron patterns!


eye_on_sparrow said...

What a great find. I agree these were meant to be yours.

TexNan said...

I'm so jealous! Those are gorgeous patterns. Can't wait to see what you come up with using them.

Jo said...

OH, I am actually a tad jealous...they look lovely. I have finally found a few patterns, but yours are divine! Enjoy working with them!

raebeth said...

So do you feel like you're guided to these sales when they have what is meant for you?!
And do you think its the high fructose corn syrup that is keeping us all from having those 24inch waists?!!!

Karen said...

Love these! I just made an art quilt using a vintage Vogue pattern as my inspiration. I did alot of practicing diffenent stiches and such so its wonky. i'm starting another one today:)

I'm thinking one of these apron patterns would be good inspiration for a art quilt:)