Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fidget's Pre-K Class Quilts

I just finished the last of the 5 service quilts from Fidget's class! All of the kids in her school's Pre-K classes used fabric markers to draw on white fabric squares, and they all did a fabulous job. We had enough squares to create 5 quilts to donate to charity; each one uses a different color fabric to frame all the drawings - we had a pink, orange, green, blue and magenta quilt.

I have to admit this blue quilt is my favorite, especially this happy guy under a fabulous rainbow (not Fidget's drawing)! For reals, look at how much time the child took drawing all the colors in this rainbow - I love it!

We're donating these service quilts through Project Night Night to a shelter in our area that serves children, and hopefully these quilts will go on to make a child feel warm and bring a little bit of comfort.

These were so simple to sew together, here are the stats:
  • Finished quilt size approximately 36" x 45"
  • Finished block size is 10" x 10", cut white cotton fabric squares 10 1/2" X 10 1/2 "
  • Finished sashing is 1" wide, cut strips for sashing 1 1/2" wide
  • Finished border is 2" wide, cut border strips 2 1/4" wide
  • Finish with any binding method, I machine sewed the binding to end up at 1/2" wide on the front and back
I finished sewing the last of these quilts the morning of Mother's Day, they went together very quickly. I'm sure they will be well loved by their new owners!

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Sally said...

I love this service quilt! Drawings by children are just so much fun!

I wish I knew how to do the fitting/grading stuff with the patterns. I'm usually too lazy to bother (let's just be honest…), but every once in a while, it is something that I wish I knew!