Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time for a New Apron!

It's time for a NEW apron! I love aprons, and have collected vintage styles for many years. I used to make and wear aprons all the time, but stopped when I was pregnant and could no longer wrap them around my growing belly. I realized a few weeks ago that I really missed wearing them.

I picked out an apron from my collection to get inspired. This vintage apron is handmade from feedsack fabric, probably from about 1960. I love this style, the little darts in front make it flattering to wear, almost like a little dress. This particular model is a little small on me, plus yellow isn't really my color - so I'll copy this apron to create a new one.

Check out the back of this apron, it is so cute! I love the yoke that goes across the back shoulders.

And look at the finishing detail. The maker used what looks like a 1/2" single-fold bias tape sewn to the back and then folded all the way to the front to create a border. Cool!

Here is my first draft of the apron. I found this stripey-dotty fabric in my stash and used some small complimentary colored scraps for the bias trim and the pockets.

The trim looks great and I loved using this technique to finish the edges.

Here's a close up of the bias trimming. I made the bias strip wider so that it would really show up, and boy does it ever!

I wore this apron around the house all day yesterday, and it's a success! I want to make one more like this before moving on to another apron pattern. But, before I sew another project for myself, I've got some Pack 'n Play sheets to whip up, plus a small work-related project to finish.

On the homefront, I am finding a little more time to fit sewing into my days. I have also come to terms with sewing a little at a time on a project and not expecting to finish anything too quickly. And now I'm leaving you all to don my new apron and do some homemaking! Happy sewing!


eye_on_sparrow said...

That is a cute apron.

Secret Mommy said...

Oh, if you were selling this apron style, I'd buy one! :) I just love it. You've also got terrific fabrics in your stash, by the way. Everything you make that you say you just "grabbed something from my stash" is always so cute!

Anonymous said...

What a super cute apron! The blue one is my favorite.