Friday, May 7, 2010

Toddler Sewing: Aprons!

While flea marketing over the weekend with my friend, she mentioned wanting to find some little vintagy-looking aprons for her toddler to wear (you know, to help keep the tornado toddler mess in check). Perfect timing, since her toddler has a birthday in a week, and I thought that I may have a pattern or two in my stash.

And indeed I do! I've been saving these patterns for years, waiting for the day when I could sew them up. In fact, I've had them for so long that I kinda forgot about them! I already stitched up one of these (Simplicity 8165), sans panties and adding more room under the arms to fit over a dress or shirt. Here's the apron over a blouse (my tot would be modeling, but she's playing at Gramma's house today).

So cute, right? Except I messed up and put the buttonholes on the back straps instead of the front of the apron (because I didn't follow the directions-oops!) and I think the shoulders would lay a little better if I had placed the buttons correctly.

And here's some more! I love this toddler play outfit in view 4 with the ruffled panties! If I want to sew this for Kate, I have to make this right away or it's not going to fit.

Do you remember the Holly Hobby craze? I was a little too old to get stuck in outfits like this! But I do like view 1, only I'd make the dress with short sleeves. And I'd skip the bonnet!

Oh, I love this little frilly apron! I really like view 1 - but again I think I'd shorten the sleeves.

And I love view 2 with this little smock - but could do without that oversized collar. Seriously - what were designers thinking?

Oh, and I also found several current apron patterns for tots! Like Simplicity 3949 and 2699. In fact, I am almost finished stitching up view A from Simplicity 3802 for that birthday girl! Simple to sew up, using just a bit of fabric, and it's so cute!

I hope you all have a great weekend! This is just my second year celebrating Mother's Day as an actual mom. I've learned so much in the past 1 1/2 years about being a mom, and I know I still have so much to learn. Thankfully, my daughter is a great teacher. Happy Mother's Day!


Debbie Cook said...

Very cute, but your friend is going to want an apron for the "apron." LOL! It's too nice to be an apron.

Karin said...

How cute! Yours is too nice to be a real apron, it is a "for special" apron!

Secret Mommy said...

I agree! Your apron seems too nice. I wouldn't want to get it messed up! :) And I know I'm dating myself here...but those patterns ALL take me back to my childhood. I had the Holly Hobbie dresses. In fact, I think it was dresses made from patterns such as that which were adorned with all the "extra" bits of ric rac in my Grammy's friend's (who did all the sewing) stash. :)

Happy Mother's Day to you!

kbenco said...

The aprons are darling.

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Super cute! I love those old patterns!

eman said...

very very cute

Deb Branch said...

Beautiful patterns. Wish I could find some old patterns for my grand daughter.