Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Golden Book Love

We recently saw the Golden Legacy exhibit at the Lake County Museum (hurry hurry, it's still there until August 22). Viewing the original artwork to many of my favorite children's picture books was...well...amazing. Many of the original titles have been republished, and there was a whole rack of great Golden Books at the museum! But even better, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for original books whenever I am thrifting. And this is what I just found!

Cars and Trucks illustrated by Richard Scarry; originally published in 1951, this book is from the third printing in 1976. Richard Scarry is one of my absolute favorite illustrators, and since I also share a love of vintage cars, this was a great find for me!

We've had fun trying to identify the different makes and models of the cars and trucks in each illustration.

I absolutely love these pictures of the little red car with the families going out for some family fun,

because they remind me of my own family adventures with my mother and father in our own little car!

Were you also a Golden Book kid? What were some of your favorite Golden Book memories?


Papgena Made It said...

it's really a lovelly book!
I smile just looking to the pictures!
You could do a scan of your favorites and print them on fabric don't you think? (maybe a t-shirt?)

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Yep! I rememebr reading Golden Books as a kid. I really can't think of my favorite but I sure do wish that I saved those books for Little Person.

Thanks for bringing back the memories,

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Golden Books! I loved the Pokey Little Puppy and the Little Red Hen. Thanks for the memories!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

My sister and I (twins), hands down LOVED the "Little Mommy" golden book! It was the sweetest thing and made motherhood look so enjoyable! We can't find the original that we read from, but we loved that one!

Anna said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. It's nice to "meet" you. I happen to LOVE Little Golden Books. I, too, hunt for the old originals for my daughters collection. We have between 50-100 books so far.