Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That was some crafty party!

The Chicago Craft Social was an awesome party! It was well attended and hosted some of the best, most creative crafts I'd ever seen (which was bad for me since I was teaching instead of crafting).  And I have to say - I was blown away by how busy I was at the Fabric Scrap Flower table. We started off with room for 6 , added two more chairs right away, and then another for a total of 9 people sitting at the table. And there were still people who told me they had waited and waited for a seat. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the ladies who sat and sewed a scrappy flower with me.

Thanks goes to Amanda and the whole crew at The Chicago Craft Social - read all about the event and all they do at the Craft Social blog. You can also visit the Craft Social photo group at flickr to see past pictures of events.

Super-duper thanks to my table sponsor, Fabrics Etc. 2 for supplying the awesome fabrics and supplies for this craft!

And thanks also to Marissa of Westcott for supplying the super scissors at our table.

I have a handout for how to make the Fabric Scrap Flowers craft from my table, and I will be making it available after finishing up some last minute edits. After teaching the project and getting some feedback I realized some of the handout needed to be organized better. I'll post about it when it's ready!

On the homefront, I have some new ideas for a project that I CAN'T WAIT to try and to share! Unfortunately, I am still trying to finish up yet another batch of baby gifts before I can move on to some thing new. Ah well, you know what they say, there's no rest for the wicked!

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hipchic~cynde said...

Hi just found your blog and love it!! The craft social looks like so much fun :) Oh my goodness I am so jealous!! The flowers from the post before look great! Loved the embroidered business cards also...great idea.