Monday, October 11, 2010

Hand Sewing: Tips

I am lovin' this hand stitching! While sewing this weekend, I was reminded just how much I take for granted about sewing, and there are lots of little things that beginners have questions about. I had some great questions from absolute beginners, like these:

So how do I thread this here needle anyway? How long should I make the thread?
Thread the needle with a single strand of thread through the needle's eye. Make sure your thread isn’t too short or too long; a good rule-of-thumb is to use a piece of thread about as long as your arm. If you are having trouble getting the thread end though the needle eye, try using a needle threader. Read all about hand sewing needles here.

And what kind of knot do I tie up at the end?
Follow this awesome video tutorial for learning to tie a proper tailor's knot. Also remember to tie the knot in the thread end cut from the spool to reduce thread twisting and tangling.

Which way do I sew?
Righties and lefties sew differently. If you are right handed like me, you will support your sewing project in your left hand while stitching with the right. And, you’ll be stitching from right to left. So, if you’re a lefty - you guessed it - sew with your left hand, from left to right, while supporting your sewing project with the right hand.

How do I stop?
Ending a row of stitching so the thread doesn’t come loose is muy importante!  You can take three small stitches on top of each other before cutting off the thread while stitching. It's best to finish with a strong knot; take a small stitch, and before pulling it tight run the needle back through the looped stitch two times to knot before cutting the thread.
Do you have any wonderful hand sewing tips or tricks to share? Yes? Please leave a comment and let us know!

I'll be posting the basic stitching how-to sampler later this week, as soon as I've finished the rest of my catching up. A-hem. It was such a beautiful weekend I didn't work as much as I should have...


Terriaw said...

It's always nice to have reference materials like this, isn't it? Especially with a new technique. I find hand stitching relaxing but don't do it as often as I wish I could (except for quilt bindings).

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the tips .I am a OLDER guy, that to learn some basic rules of sewing .

George Batson said...

I have some holes in my pockets, and I am trying to fix them.

George Batson said...

Thanks so much for letting me know, I just fixed my pockets .I will let you know how long it lasted.