Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Creative Spaces

I love finding inspiring photos of other artists and crafters creative spaces, like this here post from's blog featuring Harriete Estel Berman's design studio. Dude...did you see those vintage irons!?

And have you seen these creative spaces from flickr?
Melissa's craft room
Megan's crafty space
Fallon Aker's sewing room
Peacefulbean's sewing room
ThreeBySea's studio

And then there is this entire series of posts from Whipstitch!

So how about some sharing? Here's how I roll...

Sewing Supplies

Heavy Metal

Desk shelf


Embroidery Thread


Studio 10

Studio 17

These two overall shots are a bit older (err, I mean taken right after a really thorough cleaning earlier this year and not current pictures of how totally messy it is) but you can see the overall layout. My inspiration was to have the most amount of natural light that I could, that's why I chose to paint the entire room in white - to reflect as much light as possible. And the apron-cafe curtains let in lots of light while still giving me privacy (you know, when I'm sewing late at night in my jammies).

The Studio

The Studio

What inspires your creative space? Do you have links to photos of your craft corner, sewing room or design studio to share?


Lil' Bit Sassy said...

Wow it's gorgeous!!

Terriaw said...

Wow, you do have a gorgeous creative space! It's so bright, and organized for all those fabulous supplies you have. Love those wood floors and great windows too.

Karen said...

....LOVE your space!

Anonymous said...

sigh. I'm so totally jealous.

Donna said...

Fun to see your space and your organization. On the home page of my blog I have some pictures of my studio. But - as you say - when it was clean. My studio is huge but there's little wall space so I often work on my floor. Currently there are 3 projects which I'm walking around. That's how I roll!