Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flowers everywhere!

I'm currently working on some samples for a class I will be teaching next year. It's an easy technique to create fabric flowers using a few accessory feet .

The flowers can be made in different shapes and sizes, and can be used to decorate any project you can think of - like this here pillow.

Or you can create individual flowers like this...

...or this. You can make these into pins, they are soooper cute!

This is a one-hour technique class where students leave with a few finished individual flowers just like these, plus the inspiration to go home and start making more. I'm offering this class next February and March through Fabrics Etc 2, a Bernina shop near me in the Chicago area. I'll be sure to post again in the new year with all the class details!

I'm right in the middle of making up another batch of flowers - so it's back to stitching!


Mary Keenan said...

Wow, do those reds ever pop! and the flowers look so lush, like you could still lie back on that pillow and be comfy. Wish I could come take your class :^)

*Staci* said...

I wish I could come take the class too. The flowers are beautiful. :)