Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Quickie

I found just enought time last night to finish this little project for myself!

Cake Carrier 01

I thrifted this vintage cake carrier a few weeks ago, and I actually hid it away from my husband because it looked like a total piece of junk. Other than needing a good cleaning, the only real problem was that the latches didn't quite hold the lid on anymore, but I had a simple solution in mind for that!

Cake Carrier 02

I made a wide strap that wraps around the whole carrier, through the handle, and secures with hook and loop tape. These were all scraps, most are from fabrics I bought at this year's Spring Quilt Festival, and the white with little red dots is a thrifted piece of vintage fabric.
Cake Carrier 03

Although the buttons were purely decoration, they actually help to hold the strap in place by not allowing it to slip under the handle. Plus it adds a place to grab and open the velcro!

Cake Carrier 04

The tray was pretty scratched up, so I made this waterproof liner by cutting a piece of fabric and sandwiching it in between two layers of iron on vinyl. I have never tried sealing fabric between two pieces before, and it worked really well! How it holds up over time will be the real test -  but right now it looks totally awesome!

Cake Carrier 06

I probably spent 2 hours total on this last night, and this was just what I needed - a quick project that turned out awesome! And, I get to use it this weekend to bring sweets to a sewing party, yay!


Anonymous said...

How cute! I wish I had more room for things I would only use occasionally! Let us know how the 'sandwich' holds up!

staci said...

This is so pretty. I love the colors. I found your blog through flickr, thanks for featuring my quilt top on! If you don't mind I would like to use your button on here to put a weallsew link on my blogs sidebar too. :)