Monday, December 27, 2010

A Quick Winter Gift

I found these fleece scarf sets on super sale at Penny's, marked down 75%! Each set includes a plain colored scarf and a brightly patterned one.

I picked out thread colors to match the brightly patterned scarf, then stitched some wintery designs on the plain scarf.

I stitched the two scarves wrong sides together (to hide the ugly side of the embroidery) with a quick stitch about 1" from each long end.

And ended up with super soft, cozy, and warm winter gifts!

For the scarves I gave as gifts, I embroidered initials on one end of the scarf to give it a personal touch. Everyone absolutely loved these!

And hey, I bet you could use yardage of fleece and cut your own scarves for this project, too! Do you have any good tips for cutting long pieces of fleece and getting a nice, clean straight edge?


Mary Keenan said...

These came out so cute - I'm not surprised everybody loved them!

Donna said...

And your photography? Fabulous!

Kathy said...

Beautiful work!
To cut long straight edges nothing beats a rotary cutter and a ruler :)