Monday, January 3, 2011

The Aftermath

The new windows are in, yay! And they are so big, bright and clear! I never realized how dingy and hazy the old windows were. I think this calls for new window treatments!

Of course this also means that it's time to cut the chaos and get this room back in order so I can work. The carpenters are still banging away on the new siding, but have finished the outside walls of the sewing studio, so I can safely hang all the crap back up on the walls.

I have a brand new desk (errr, I will when I finish putting it together, that is) in my office area to help organize my office mess. I had my eye on a wide desk with just two drawers underneath, and my hubs talked me into a different desk with the same surface work area but many, many more drawers.

And I'm actually working away from the kitchen table this morning because there isn't any space at all to plug my laptop in the sewing studio yet! I plan on getting back to the organizing (and desk construction) after working a bit and doing some house chores. I can't wait to get things organized and see how much space I can save!

I've also been thinking and pondering on some New Year's resolutions. Hmmmmmm. Are you declaring any resolutions for the New Year? Setting any sewing/quilting goals for yourself? Making any big changes?


Mary Keenan said...

You have apron curtains!!!! that is awesome, I love those! And also, the rest of your studio. Serious workspace envy coming to you from here ;^)

My sewing goal for this year is to sit down periodically and make a bunch of cute tiny Christmas ornaments for the tree come December. I figure that's a fun but manageable goal, right?

Anonymous said...

Loving the apron curtains... so sweet. Your studio looks like its coming together very well. I have lots of sewing goals for the year... my latest is to sew with knits, and to sew a top that will accomodate my ample bosom and that I actually will wear. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Rachel