Friday, February 25, 2011

Progress: Midwestern Landscape

I finally quilted the Midwestern Landscape project, and it made me remember why I haven't quilted since my last attempt! This kind of free-motion stitching is hard to do. This is a small piece, only about 26" x 40", but I really struggled at moving this through the machine.

My stitching is uneven in places and jerky where I had problems controlling the fabric. It's okay, this is one of the reasons I decided to make this project a smaller one. And now I know this is one of those techniques that I really need to practice more in order to get better.

Now I'm a bit stuck on the next step, which is starting to applique layers on top of this quilted base, because I can't decide exactly how to make it work. I want to think about it this weekend and come up with an idea so I can move forward with it next week. I'll post another update on this project next week after I've finished that next step.

Meanwhile, I've got a busy weekend ahead, so the only sewing going on here will be going on inside my head!


Karen said...

Hey Erika....bring it to the quilting meeting...maybe we can help with ideas ;)

Donna said...

Erika, I'm going through the same thing with my free-motion work. I know I need to practice more, and not just in my head. I'm impressed with what you've done - and that you're brave enough to post it!