Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilt THIS!

Sunday our regular meeting at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild turned into an all out quilt-off competition called the IRON QUILTER! We broke up into teams, each team was given a paper bag of limited supplies, and we were told to create a quilt in just a few hours. My fellow teammates Sarah, Rachel and Donna were all great to work with and I learned so much from quilting with them for just a few hours.

I brought my camera, but I was SO FOCUSED on helping to finish our project that I didn't take any pictures of our group until we were almost finished. Here is Donna quilting our team's creation:

Our team's brown paper bag was full of mostly red, dark blue, and ecru colored fabrics, a small piece of batting, some really busy (i.e. ugly) bright prints and a ziplock bag full of cording, yarns, buttons and trims. We made blocks that looked like tic-tac-toe boards (which I learned are called nine-patch blocks) with some wonky cut strips and stitched all together in one piece. We all added some embellishments from the bag onto each of the blocks - so we ended up with something that looked part traditional and part modern. Here's a run down of all the entries:

Group #1 (my team!):

Group #2:

Group #3:

Group #4:

And Group #5:

I think these are all so amazing for being created in just a few hours! Want to know who won the Iron Quilter? Just click on over to the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild blog to find out!

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Donna said...

I'm so glad you featured the five results individually. Fun to study them! These pieces are each amazing. Good times! You are going on the next retreat, right!?