Monday, August 8, 2011

A Birthday Surprise

This stack of fabrics will become a birthday gift for a very special little boy. In fact, I am probably stitching this gift together as you read this! Don't worry, I will show you what these fabrics become, but only after the birthday boy opens his gift.

Since I am expecting this gift to be used and washed often, I am pre-washing each and every fabric for this project. Twice. And since I am pre-washing, I use the quick trick of running a zig zag stitch down the unfinished, cut edges of all of the fabrics to keep them from getting all ravely and tangly in the process.

I use a zig zag stitch at a medium width with a longer stitch, just enough to keep the edges together. I stitch so the right hand swing of the needle falls just off the edge of the fabric.

The zig zag will also accomodate and allow for any shrinkage the fabric will go through in the washer and dryer. Nice and easy! And, since my fabrics are all washed and coming out of the dryer, I'm off to do some pressing and cutting!

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