Friday, September 30, 2011

Phew! What a week - and some mug-rug love

This has been one CRAZY week! I lost all my regular kid-sitting help, including my husband (who changed his work schedule this week), and had to fit in my work-from-home job around running after and caring for our almost three year old tot. And holy crap am I exhausted! The little one is napping right now, so I'm taking this opportunity to have a cup of tea and do a little recipe reading. I can't be the only one that occasionally reads recipes just for fun, am I?

I did make a little time to sew this week, and decided to try making some mug-rugs. I had an "ah-hah!" moment the other day, realizing that I could use making some mug-rugs as an excuse to practicing some piecing and quilting techniques!

First, I wanted to piece some strips together just to cut them apart again. I used some blue and green vintage fabrics to start with.

Then I wanted to try foundation piecing, and used the strips I just cut up with some white and a little bit of orange. I used muslin for the base, and knew the final block would be big enough to cut at least two mug-rugs from.

I wanted to practice stitching in the ditch with the new center guide sole for my Walking Foot #50, which worked like a dream. I tried stitching in the ditch only one other time to discover it is not as easy as it looks. I also added a few other straight lines of stitching using painter's tape, following the edge with the blade on the center guide sole, and it looks pretty darn great!

And last but not least, I really wanted some more binding practice. Corners are hard, and I  needed to practice getting the binging the same size on BOTH sides of something. Also not as easy as it looks!

I was able to get three 6-ish by 9-ish inch mug-rugs and one doll-sized mug-rug from the block I created.

I actually never thought I'd ever make a mug-rug, but this is a great way to practice just a little bit and still have something neat to use when finished. Now I think I'm hooked!


Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

My little grandson turned 3 years old last Friday. Whew, it is hard for Grandma to keep up with that boy...and he is all boy!

Love the mug rug color combo. Great job! Great idea to practice on something small like mug rugs. Your work is sooooooooo beautiful...didn't think you needed any practice at all. :o) Have a fantastic weekend!

Kim said...

Those are very pretty! I am now realizing all the interest in mug rugs and mini quilts! They are fun and a great sew fix ( not instant but a lot quicker than a whole quilt) and I like your point about trying new techniques.

Jo said...

I have seen these somewhere before and thought "what a great idea". They would make great gifts...noticed you do them in a few different sizes. It would be a great way to try out some techniques, as seeing as I just received a walking foot for my old singer, I think I may give your idea a try! Beautifully done.

Mary Keenan said...

You know I'd never heard of a mug rug before this week and suddenly I'm seeing them everywhere! I think they're a great idea - and reading your post, I'm thinking mugrug + mug = perfect little presents to have on hand for emergencies :^)

Oh - and as always, lovely, lovely work!

Jodi said...

Yours is the best argument for making a mug rug yet! It's so pretty!

Donna said...

Love these little rugs and the various techniques and opportunities to practice!

eye_on_sparrow said...

Your mug rugs are so pretty and I agree a great way to try a new technique. I thought you may want to see what I made with the fat quarters you sent me. I just posted a blog about it. I am going to try some mug rugs too. I like to set my iced tea on a pot holder so it doesn't condense all over my counter. So mine would be an iced tea mat.