Thursday, October 27, 2011

Morsebags with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild

This past Sunday we learned how to make Morsbags at our regular meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild! A Morsbag is a hand made fabric bag to replace those pesky plastic bags when you shop. Using just one bag when shopping has the potential to eliminate hundreds of plastic bags over its lifetime! The best thing about these bags is the incredibly clever, fast and easy method of construction. Once I got the hang of it I finished 3 bags at the meeting!

And here we all are with the bags we made - that's a lot of great looking Morsbags!

Chicago Modern Quilt Guild
Photo courtesy Chicago Modern Quilt Guild flickr photo group and therandomcrafter

The Morsbag website gives you all the information you need to construct your own bags under the "MAKE ONE" tab of the website. The real mission behind the Morsbags website is to encourage you to not only begin making and using these bags yourself, but also to sew some to share with others. Morsbag Pods are local groups that make and share these reusable bags to help begin to eliminate plastic, and to date over 10,000 bags have been made and shared! Check out the Pod page to find a group in your area or to start a Pod of your own.

I'm hooked! I plan on sewing up as many more as I can tomorrow night, and whatever extras I can't use myself will be gifts for others. If you're looking for a great quick gift idea, this could be it - this is definitely the kind of gift that keeps on giving.


Donna said...

Just love that one with the sewing fabric! :-)

Donna said...

Nicely stated, Erika! Just popped put to Joann's to get more bag handles.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

I finished 9 more bags over the weekend! I plan on gifting bags to all my SIL's as early holiday gifts so they can use them while shopping this season.