Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What IS that thing?

I have a cigar box in my sewing room filled with "mystery" items - you know, stuff that looks like it is sewing related but keeps me asking, "What IS this thing?"  Here are a few, some of which I've just discovered their true purpose and meaning, and some of which are still a mystery.

Check out this contraption, it says nothing other than "Singer" on it. Well, I just found out that this is an automatic pinker - you hook it up to an old Singer sewing machine and it automatically cuts a pinked edge for you! Read all about it at Susan's blog, Spare Time (For Sewing) and at April's 1930's Sewing Shoppe. Not sure I'll ever use it, but it is a pretty cool accessory to have for my antique machines.

I really had no idea what these funny looking thigs were until I found out that they are really crafting tools to create accessories out of strips of fabric or yarn. There is a whole page of great Singercraft Guide instructions including projects at The Singercraft Guide page. I'd LOVE to play around with these (you know, when I can find the time) to see what I can make!

Now maybe you can help me with these. I think maybe these are bobbins made for handiwork like tatting, but I'm not sure - what do you think?

Take a look at this Dritz accessory. Looks like some kind of gauge on the front, and there are two long wires that open up in the back. What the heck is this thing?

I don't even know if these things are sewing related or not. They kind of look like they were meant to sit on top of a spool of thread, don't they?

Last in my sewing box is this little doohicky - it is about the size of a small needle threader and looks like it could have something to do with sewing, doesn't it?

Please, let me know if you can shed some light on any of these mystery items in my sewing box!


Anonymous said...

The oval things are tatting shuttles, and the disks are the tensioning disks off an old sewing machine.

TeawithFrodo said...

I looked up the patent info for the Richardson thing since it had a date. is the patent publications for that day.

"Richardson Frederick E, Everett Smith Charles: Door latch. / Loquet de porte. Richardson Frederick E March 1900: CA 66560" which is the only thing that day that had the name Richardson. So it may be door latch pieces.

Kerri Lindstrom said...

The Dritz thing is a bound buttonhole maker. You can find instructions on the Internet if you Google it.

smazoochie said...
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