Friday, February 10, 2012

How I Roll With My BERNINA

I needed a better way to take my machine and all the accessories with me when we're out on sewing dates, events, and classes. So, I got my BERNINA some New Year's gifts, the Modern Style No. 3 tote and a custom accessory tote to go along with it.

I LOVE this machine tote! It holds all the essentials along with the machine in plenty of zipper pockets, and has an adjustable extension handle to roll the tote along for easier transport. It is easy to pick up and roll!

Plus the inside is my favorite color. And there is a "seat belt" to hold the machine steady while in transport. Very nice.

I was searching for weeks for some kind of container that would make a perfect companion for this tote to hold machine accessories. I looked at tackle boxes, art and craft totes and tool boxes, but each one I found was either too big, too small, or too expensive.

But last weekend I took a trip to Harbour Freight with my hubs and found the PERFECT container, the Storehouse Toolbox Organizer With 4 Drawers. (It's an "in-store only" item if you're looking for one.) Only problem was this tool box is obnoxiously colored bright yellow with black trim, not the best match for the machine tote.

 I used spray paint formulated for plastic to make this tool tote gray with black trim to match the machine tote.

The front cover of the box swings down to reveal four small "tackle" style boxes.

Each of these little boxes has dividers, and the little compartments are the right size for accessory feet.

The top compartment opens up to hold all the rest of the accessories for my machine.

And now I'm ready to roll!


Donna said...

Oh, if there was only a retreat in March... WAIT! There is!

You are so ready!

Jodi said...

Would I be weird if I called that one sexy lookin' sewing machine bag?

I love the red interior!

Carol said...

Really nice job on the spray paint. It looks like it was made that color.

Gmama Jane said...

I have a turqouise sewing bag just like yours I bought thru I Have a store. I really like mine too. I'm in love with the storage box tote and since I have a Harbor Freight close to me I will be sashaying myself down to get one. I would not have thought to spray paint it though. You have given me some great ideas! You should visit all of us Quilting gals over at Sew We Quilt with Madame Samm. She hosts Blog Hops every 2-3 weeks and you can *hop* in as many as you're interested in but it's a great way to get acquainted with some great ladies and get more good ideas PLUS win some great stuff. Check out the site at http//
We're having a great blog hop now using a funny pattern designed just for us by the designer, Amy Bradley.
I love your creations!
FYI: Did you know your word ID is turned on? It makes it so hard to comment for those of us with poor eyesight. I have turned mine off and it is one of the rules for our blog hops. I'll give yours a whirl this time. It has turned me down already once LOL
Gmama Jane

Todd Reed said...

did you use a primer before painting? what primer and paint did you recall?

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hi Todd, I don't recall if I used a primer or not, but I did use the spray paint that was specifically manufactured for using with plastics. I just picked up whatever stuff was at my local Ace hardware store.