Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Happy is Back!

Saturday was my self-scheduled sewing "marathon" where I planned on getting lots and lots of stitching done while visiting with a few stitchy friends. The first order of business was getting Mr. Happy (a 12 needle Voyager HCS-1202) back up and running. He had a little fender-bender during our move over 9 months ago and lost one of his top tension knobs, and he's been out of commission ever since.

My little embroidery corner of the basement.
Replacing the little broken tension knob was no problem, but getting him completely re-threaded and stitch-ready ended up taking the entire afternoon and early evening! I forgot that the computer I use in conjunction with Mr. Happy hadn't been turned on in a few months, which meant hours of downloading updates and re-starting. Definitely NOT my idea of a sewing-good time.

Thankfully my friend Tricia showed up to keep me company, and having someone to chat with certainly made all that waiting a little more bearable. So, by the end of the evening I had finished embroidering one quilt label and moved on to stitching out a new set of embroidered business cards. Welcome back, Mr. Happy!

I still have a queen sized quilt that I need to finish quilting, but I'm just so unmotivated to get it done! I did set it all up on the table in my sewing room, and I did do a little bit of quilting on Sunday, but...I really, really don't have the motivation to sit down and get it done. Have you ever had one of those projects - one you want desperately to have finished but you really don't want to work on?

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