Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The State of the Sewing Room

The construction in the basement is finished, the new concrete has cured, and I've managed to get a fresh coat of paint on the affected area of the basement floor. The office area was starting to come back together when I really needed space to get ready for tomorrow's Snack Wrapper Wallet crafting event, so it all kind of ended up on the desk. What a mess!

The rest of the room is still piled with furniture and all the rest of my crap that had to get moved for the emergency construction - I just haven't been able to find the time to get it all straightened out. I'm starting to feel a sense of anxiousness and dread about not having my space back together yet. I had set a schedule for myself at the start of the year, and now I've missed some deadlines in getting a few projects finished and starting on another one. It all feels like it's spinning out of control, and I'm really dissappointed with not accomplishing "enough" in January.

Of course, all of those deadlines for projects and measures of what I should be accomplishing each day or week are all subjective. Being self employed means that I am my own boss, and I've never worked for a tougher, more demanding person. So, I think my goal for this month will be two fold: first - to get the sewing space sorted out and back in order, and second - to re-assess my schedule of projects and juggle some deadlines to make things more managable.

And that's the state of things around these here parts. How's your sewing going this year?

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