Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Just got around to unpacking a bag of random sewing goodies gifted to me by a neighbor. Seriously, who could wish for a better neighbor than one who not only shares your love of sewing and quilting, but who also is trying to clean out her stash?

So, inside the goodie bag I found a stash of 5" squares of packaged "Polynesian Patchwork Prints." Not sure how old they are but the label looks c.1980 and says "Polynesian Patchwork Prings by Kepina."

Polynesian Patchwork Prints

Looks like there may be around 100 very colorful Hawaiian prints here!

Polynesian Patchwork Prints

COLOR! POW! It's like the color just socked you in the face, isn't it? Not sure what these will become. Yes, yes, maybe a quilt, but I'm kind of thinking an Aloha apron might be in order for the summer! At any rate, these patchwork squares will have to wait...

Unpacking from the CMQG Retreat

...until I finish the rest of my unpacking from last weekend's retreat with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. Ugh!

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smazoochie said...

Ohmy gosh -- you are so lucky with the stashes of vintage fabric! Make something wonderful!