Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning, Fabric Stashes, and Projects Piled High

Have you started spring cleaning yet? I totally got the bug last week - I cleaned the wall-to-wall carpeting on the first floor, weeded out my tot's too-small clothes, and cleaned out my closet, too. Now I'm on to the sewing room, and made a serious effort to also clean and weed out my fabric stash.

I did pretty good, consolidating all of the small pieces/fat quarters that were all over the place, and got them neatly folded into three clear plastic bins.

These bins fit perfectly under my cutting table. The bin to the far right is for smaller scraps, it's nearly full - but I'll worry about that later! I also found several pieces of muslin and fabric larger than a yard, and I folded and stacked on the bottom shelf there. Looks like I should stop buying muslin!

Unfortunately, I have more fabric than that, and the remainder of my stash (along with all the scraps of batting and bags of fiber fill) are hidden waaaaay back in a corner of the basement. The only box not filled with fabric on these shelves is the BERNINA box! Don't ask me how I ended up with two trash bags full of batting scraps after only making three quilts, stuff just seems to multiply down here.

And now that my fabric stash is all straightened out, I'm on to cleaning up the rest of the sewing room. But......sigh......all I've ended up with so far are a couple of piles of unfinished projects. Here's some piles stuffed under the bookshelves...

...and this is supposed to be my ironing board.

I just hate when things pile up like this! It feels so overwhelming to me. I woke up early this morning, thinking about all my piles and wondering which project to finish first and how to get it all done. I ended up falling back to sleep and dreaming terrible, out of control and disorganized dreams. I've made a pact with myself NOT to start another project until all of these others are finished!

I've just decided that the first project I'm going to tackle is one for work, and I'll get cracking on it this afternoon. Once that project is completed, I'll move on to something else in the pile. Sigh!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Make a list, needs binding, needs quilted, blocks need sewn together etc. It helps A LOT! You feel like you have control over more, and you can print it out, and cross things off. I have my VERY long list at the very bottom of my blog. I also keep a printed copy on my sewing table too.

Ripple Dandelion said...

Congratulations on all you did get accomplished. Love your Ikea cutting table and also the flooring in your sewing room!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Ann Marie for the tips! And Thanks Ripple Dandelion - you must have seen a photo of my OLD sewing room with the pretty floor, my NEW sewing room is in a basement with a battleship gray painted cement floor. ;-)