Friday, May 25, 2012

My Button Bottles Runneth Over


I used to store my moderately sized button collection in clear bottles separated by color. This is how it looked a few years ago, everything all in order. It worked well for me, I could see what I had and easily find buttons when I needed them. But...

Things are getting a little out of hand these days! I've got buttons in boxes,

Jars filled to the brim with buttons,

And buttons in other containers. Add to that the fact that my original bottles are overflowing with buttons!

I need HELP!

First, PLEASE tell me, how do YOU store your button stash? Can you share a link to a photo of your button storage? And can you share where you found your button containers?

And second, I'm trying to get crafty with these buttons! I have shared a few previous posts about button crafts, but I'm about to get serious up in here and start sharing some of my favorite button crafts with some tutorials and links. I'm hoping you'll share some of your favorite button crafty ideas with me, too! What are your most favoritest ways to use buttons?

Next week I'll start by posting about my newest favorite button obsession, button flowers, including a how-to. Here's a bunch I crafted up earlier this week. Meanwhile, give me some of your best button storage tips and keep 'em coming!

Buttons 06


Ebony said...

I am also obsessed with buttons. My button bins are also overflowing, but I don't keep them out as eye candy... maybe I should! I use one of those bead dividers for specialty buttons, like glass ones; my vintage buttons are all in a container; the rest are sorted by color & in ziploc bags.

I do try to use my buttons but I am failing miserably. Thanks for the reminder though; I think I will add buttons to my new mug rug!

Ashley said...

I store mine in ziplock bags, but I don't have as many as you do. I tend to only use medium & large buttons on my cup cozies so I have oodles of small buttons I need to do something with.

I'm thinking of gluing them to some jars to make them decorative, and sewing some to cardigans or headbands in different patterns, as embellishment.

Ashley said...

Oh, and also gluing them to picture frames, stuff like that. I could also put them on bags.

Oh, I thought about trying to make flower buttons out of button kits. I'd get the type of kit that has a flat side, and glue the buttons (petals) to the edges of the flat side so there's an open spot in the center, and then gluing a button that is slightly larger than the open spot, right there in the center. If I do it I'll take pics so you know what I mean. I was thinking this was how I could use button kits to make my small buttons into something larger I'd use on cozies.

Sarah said...

I store mine in canning jars, sorted by color or type. Except for the ones that are crammed in an old sewing box. Or the ones in that plastic container. Or the ones in some baggies. You get the idea. Did you see the lampshade covered in buttons on pinterest? I'll try to find it and pin it. I'm not ready to commit to that, but I have used them on frames, wreaths, ornaments, photo albums, pillows, and probably some other stuff I've forgotten. So why do I still have so many??

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Ebony, Ashley and Sarah for sharing your button storage tips! I have not seen some of the button covered stuff like the lampshade, but I have seen some very pretty button wreaths.