Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Rusty Singer 66

Saved from the landfill: a 1928 Singer 66. Hubs told me about seeing this machine alone in a forlorn alley at dinner on Monday night, and thought that I wouldn't want him to bring home an "old hunk of rust." Guess the shocked look on my face said it all, and he surprised me by going back to the alley yesterday and bringing it home after work.

Rusty Singer 66

I think the machine works, it moves freely anyway, but the poor old gal is all rusty.

Rusty Singer 66

And she's missing a few parts. Luckily, if it does work, these are parts that I can replace.

I have a few other machines scheduled for some work before I can REALLY get into this project, but I'm thinking this is a prime candidate for transforming into a hand-crank. And, if the finish can't be saved, this might be another chance for a custom paint job!

I love other peoples' garbage!

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Val said...

Wow. I LOVE it!!!