Monday, June 11, 2012

The Modern Machines

I just finished reviewing my vintage and antique sewing machines, but there are still some modern machines left in my collection. These would count as sewing machines number 16, 17 and 18, which brings my final count of sewing machines to 18 total! (For now - there are two new-to-me vintage machines in my studio and I haven't yet decided their fate.)

I bought this BERNINA 1080 in 1995 when I was in school sewing non-stop, majoring in Fiber Arts. It was the only sewing machine that could keep up with me - I sewed two machines into the ground before bringing this one home.

Yeah, it's a little bit pimped out, but it has been with me for 17 years. I won't ever get rid of this machine, it still sews wonderfully, and it always has my back.

And this is my second BERNINA, a 440QE that I bought in 2005. This is my go-to quilting machine, I bought the big extension bed the first of this year, and it is wonderful! The 440QE also converts to a home embroidery machine, and is how I got my start in machine embroidery. Which brings me to...

The Happy Voyager 12 needle embroidery machine, AKA Mr. Happy. I bought this machine in 2007 when I was really getting into machine embroidery. With 12 needles and speeds up to 1,000 stitches per minute, Mr. Happy makes short work of most embroidery jobs. Plus it just LOOKS cool - my husband thinks it looks like a space ship and often refers to it as The Enterprise. It does kind of sound like it will take off any minute when it is going full speed!

More to come soon on those two new-to-me vintage machines that just arrived soon, they both need work and I haven't yet figured out if they are staying or going.


Sarah said...

I love your collection. You are a sewing machine rock star!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Sarah! You are well on your way to having your own fabulous sewing machine collection!

Tazzie said...

I also have a Bernina 1080, and I adore it. It'll be with me forever. Thank you for sharing your machine collection with us.

smazoochie said...

In 1991, my Bernina 1230 was the most considered purchase I'd ever made in my life -- & remains the best choice I've ever made (well, except for my husband).
Holy Cow! Mr. Happy looks like the love child of a Burroughs book-keeping machine & an embroidery machine.
Always enjoy seeing the ladies & gents that help you be Miss Sews-it-all!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Tazzie, we're the official 1080 fan club!
Smazoochie, my first Bernina was the same - I thought about that purchase for months before taking the plunge, but have never regretted it.
And yes, Mr. Happy is a trip!

Lisa Hall said...

Oh how I have wanted a Bernina for such a long time!
They are a bit out of my price range, so I have to buckle down and save!
I did see one on Craigslist today (Bernina 1080) for $600.00. Do you think that is a good price?
I really don't know, because I don't know what that particular machine costs new. I like the fact that you said it "still sews wonderfully" after 17 years! I'm always wary of buying something used, but have heard Bernina's really hold up! So happy I found your blog...I was Googling the Bernina 1080 and there you were!!
Lisa H.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hi Lisa! The 1080's are wonderful machines, but it's always difficult to put a price on a machine that is for sale on the internet. I would say that if it is in perfect working order, has been recently serviced by an authorized BERNINA technician, has all the original parts and accessories that came with the machine, and the original manual then you might be getting a good deal. You might also check in your local BERNINA Dealer store, sometimes if they take trade-ins they will fully service and update the machine and sell it for a good price. You can still buy plenty of the "old style" feet for the 1080 machines, but BERNINA stopped making replacement parts a long time ago. So, if you break a belt or another internal part, you might have to search a little harder for a replacement part. Good luck finding the perfect BERNINA for you!