Friday, August 31, 2012

Busy Bees

This is a typical day for us, I'm working from home, fitting it in around our busy schedule. Fidget is ready - no, MORE than ready to start pre-school this year. She's been at home with me most every day since she was born, and she's at that point where she needs more. She needs more structured play, she needs to be around other kids her age, and she needs to learn how to interact with other adults in charge. She is ready to try a little bit of independence!

Unfortunately, the awesome Chicago neighborhood we moved to seems to have a glutton of other tots in the same position, and we've been wait-listed for all of the pre-school programs we've signed her up for.

So, while I am spending more time with Fidget, who seems to get bored about every 20 minutes, I am doing less of everything else. Once I hear from the Chicago Public Schools and Park District about all of the various wait-lists, I can get back to a little bit of normal around here. I am one of those people who work best from home when I can set a schedule and have a little peace and quiet in order to concentrate on what I'm doing. And a schedule along with a little mommy-time are two things that I am more than ready for right now!

See? It's taken me about 20 minutes to download this photo and type/edit this post, and Fidget has just started throwing Play-doh at me! Time to go...

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emedoodle said...

Ah I agree. Allie is SO ready for preschool to start. I'm sorry you've found it so hard to get into a program. Because of her hearing loss allie is garunteed a spot in the HL class... even though she tested into a regular class. But there's no room for her in the regular class! As is it took us almost 6 mos to get her into the HL class last year! I hope some space opens up for you guys in one of the programs!