Thursday, January 24, 2013

Much More Machine Embroidery

No sewing happening here, but there's a whole lotta embroidery going on!

I took the time to digitize our quilt guild logo and used the design in an embroidered label for QuiltCon. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with machine embroidery; I love the final results, but hate that I am really slow and methodical when it comes to digitizing, meaning results are not instantaneous. Which sucks, because I kind of like instantaneous! (I use the BERNINA Designer Plus V6 software, and although there is an auto-digitizer function I choose to create designs more manually. I think they have more personality than those created automatically - more fills, more patterns, more soul.)

I'm also making another run of my embroidered business cards for QuiltCon, too - with my updated information on the back. Having fun playing with different thread colors and combinations, can't wait to finish these up.

And last but not least, I'm getting ready to embroider some birthday bonus gifts for my hubby. Fidget is working on a master drawing for daddy (she thinks it will be herself and dad in a boat, there may be fish and/or monsters involved). I plan on digitizing her drawing and embroidering it on a tee, more photos to come!

So are you ready for QuiltCon and can you believe it is only like 4 weeks away? Seriously - I am so, SO excited, and I can't wait!!!

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Sarah said...

I love your business card so much! Can I commission you to make a CMQG name tag for me to wear at QuiltCon? I would love it!