Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sewing Room: Rearranged

Do you remember my other sewing room in my old house?

The Studio

Yeah, I totally miss it! My new sewing space is currently in the basement of the house we're in now. And it's a funky space with support posts, stacks, pipes, vents, oddly placed doors and half-walls to work around. Here's a few snapshots of what it looked like last year.

The Dungeon Cutting table My Desk

After sewing here for a year, I realized things could be arranged better - more efficiently. So, I spent the first week of the new year totally rearranging the room to try and make it more user-friendly. And here's what I came up with.
Sew Room Remix 01
I managed to group my sewing areas together, making it easier to sew and go from sewing machine to iron to cutting table. I moved the table and chairs to the end of the room, so I can still sit and work on stuff if I need to, but it is no longer blocking the main part of the sewing space. And speaking of ironing, that's my vintage mangle iron to the left of the photo. I can pull it - or my  full sized ironing board - out into the room if I need to iron.
Sew Room Remix 04

The white desk to the left is open for using different sewing machines (right now I am using the BERNINA 580). I also organized ALL of my supplies and notions together on the wall straight ahead of the white desk. Buttons, zippers, snaps, hook & eyes, cording, etc. are all organized in the shelf; threads are in the organizers on the wall; and larger rulers and yardsticks are there, too. Can you believe that stuff was spread out all over the place before?

Sew Room Remix 06

I have two sewing machine cabinets with dedicated machines in them; this is my Singer 201-2, probably my most favorite vintage machine to sew with.

Sew Room Remix 07

And I am so happy to finally have my industrial Singer 331K4 accessible! It was stuck over against the wall before, I had to move it out from the wall and use a super-extension cord to power it up. But now this baby is ready to sew!
Sew Room Remix 05
By no means is this as pretty as my old sewing room, but it works. And that's better than nothing, right?

What about your sewing space - are you getting set to sew in the new year? Please, please, please - share some photos with me - I would LOVE a peek into your personal sewing room! Just post a link in the comments for me to follow - and thanks for sharing!


Leslie said...

I love this idea of posting pics of our sewing rooms! That will definitely be on my to-do list for January. I love your space and how it's laid out so well. It looks like a spot I could happily stay for hours and hours.

I see you and I have sewing machine love in common because two of my machines are also a Bernina (a B530 though) and a Singer 201-2. I haven't used the 201-2 yet because it's in my garage waiting for me to find a spot in my home for it (it's in it's original cabinet) but I have sewn on other vintage Singers and love them!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hi there Leslie, nice to meet you! I am looking forward to seeing photos of where you sew. Let me tell you, when you finally find a spot for your 201-2 and sew on it, you will absolutely love it! Happy sewing - Erika

smazoochie said...

The basement?!? Such a bright & cheery room! I love that your have 3 machines available for fun & that they aren't all facing the wall. I'm going to have to google a "mangle" . Awesome room!

Anonymous said...

Love your room and your machines! What a wonderful space.

Michelle said...

I loved seeing your space. You have it organized wonderfully. I loved looking at all your machines. You should put a hand crank kit on your Singer Redeye. I did that to mine! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Erika, you are the master of organizing. I am in awe of how nice that space looks. I thought it was good before, but it looks amazing now.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Carol, I like it much better too! :-)

Anonymous said...

You give me inspiration. My sewing are is in an unfinished basement. I'm just starting to put it together and you have given me some ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Samantha said...

Both spaces are really awesome!

I was given a copy the BurdaStyle book and showed my husband this (your) sewing room, and said, that's what I want when we move! Somehow I remembered that I have seen it before, then saw your nametag randomly in the book, and that I have seen you at CMQG! Now they all come together-that's your room. Kind of a cool moment - you're famous! Lol.