Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Recycled Boxes

Last week I needed containers for some small handmade gifts, and couldn't find anything around the house. I decided to make my own simple gift boxes from pretty printed cardstock, experimented a bit, and here's what I came up with:

The top fits right over the bottom, they were easy to put together, and worked perfectly for my gifts. Mission accomplished!
But then I got to wondering, couldn't I use this technique to make boxes from recycled junk around the house? Hmmm....so last night after dinner I hunted down some crap made from cardstock or thin board to do a little research.
First up - old greeting cards. The front of the card makes the box top, and the back becomes the bottom. Any writing on the back of the card ends up visible on the bottom of the box - as in the second one down. Tiny cards, like the thank you note, make tiny boxes.
And then I gave an old cracker box a try. It made a really sturdy box, but I'm not sure about giving a gift in a Cheez-it box! Fidget took this one to play with the millisecond I had it finished, and she's still playing with it today.

And finally I tried out a few Loteria boards, I think this box has to be my favorite. The back of the boards are printed with games, which look pretty cool on the inside of the box.
Yeah, I just had to try making a box from Loteria cards as well. This one is teeny tiny!
Cute, huh? I'd love to share a tutorial for this technique, but you'll have to wait for me to catch up with life a little bit. When I have time, I'll definitely share this with you!

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Debbie Rogowski said...

so cute but I had to look up Loteria to see what those cute little boxes were made from. That is an adorable game :)