Friday, May 31, 2013

The Yellow and Blue Quilt

Yellow and Blue Quilt finished
I just took the finished yellow and blue quilt out of the dryer.

Yellow and Blue quilt

This was an experiment in improvisational piecing. I did a great job with piecing at the start, but once I started adding larger pieces of fabric to the design I think my accuracy in cutting started to suffer - which means it is a little wonky towards the edges.

Yellow and Blue quilt detail
I quilted with straight lines, or should I say mostly straight lines! Although, after taking it out of the dryer the lines don't look nearly as crooked as I felt like they were when I was quilting.

Yellow and Blue quilt detail

So, a few lessons learned about cutting, piecing, and stitching when it comes to larger pieces of fabric in a quilt design. And a not-to-shabby job of some improve piecing to boot. All in all, a good exercise. And now it's on to the next project...


Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

I think you did a fantastic job! I love it!

Donna said...

Love this on so many levels - design, color, texture!

Gavin Henderson said...

It really is a very striking design! I love it. Well done you.


Mary Colter said...

Very nice!

Ripple Dandelion said...

I neeeed this quilt for my bed. Unfortunately, I will never have the patience or skill to make myself one. So awesome!

smazoochie said...

Crazy kick-ass!!!