Monday, July 1, 2013

Starting the New Project

Finally, I am moving on to my next project - something creative just for myself! I decided to do a small "test" piece first before moving on to a big piece. You know, just to double make sure that my calculations are correct; so I don't end up cutting a pile of fabric and sewing it all together only to find out that my calculations were wrong!

My first plan was to use this little test to also try out some dye recipes for this piece, but I just don't have the time. I figure if this tester goes well I can just experiment with the dye colors as I go - the nice thing about dyeing is that you can always over-dye (or discharge the dye) if you don't like the first result. I am more concerned here with just making sure that the overall design idea will work first. So, I'm using scraps from my scrap bin instead (which works out well since this is a smaller piece), and spent yesterday afternoon digging around for colors that would work.

This is the little progress I've made in the layout for the tester since starting to cut today. I am really hoping to finish the cutting and start sewing by the beginning of next week - wish me luck (I think I'm going to need a little luck to find a little time each day to work on this).

And how about you - what are you working on this summer? How is your progress on the project you are working on - are you on track?

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Debbie Rogowski said...

I'm just catching up I know you posted a few days ago. We are out here reading your blog just not always commenting. This summer I had planned on doing a LOT of catch up work. But grandkids came first and we added a few more projects to our ever growing basket, (Ok really a huge barrel), of things to complete. Teach her while she's young to sew and then quilt.