Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gone Thrifting

I spent all afternoon rummaging through several suburban strip-mall thrift stores today. I used to go thrifting about once a week, but I'm so busy these days that I don't get out very often. Plus I really don't need anything - although wouldn't you know that I DID find some things I couldn't live without!
Like this short stack of books (which are already stashed away in my sewing room to look at later, I'm not allowed to bring any new books into the house according to the husband). Included here is a really cool old geographical survey book, which will make awesome crafting paper:
And this large Wallpaper picture book, which is filled with EYE CANDY! Great for color inspiration and pattern ideas:
I also found a bag o' old wooden sewing stuff. I think these are all darners, one is shaped like a foot for darning socks:
And that last little egg in the lower right is actually a sewing kit, too. It opens up to hold a spool for thread and a small tube for keeping needles.
This thing was also in the bag, I have no idea - do YOU know what this is?
And that's it for my afternoon! I feel a little guilty because I could have been sewing, but everyone needs a little thrifting break now and then!


Maria Torres said...

I love heading to thrift stores. There are so many little treasures. I like what you found.

Nicci P said...

Looks like a loom shuttle. Google RG Prat Co and you will get some hits. Fun finds!

Sally said...

My great aunt passed away a year ago and they are just now getting ready to distribute/sell off her things, of which there were a lot since she truly was a hoarder. Anyway, I went over the weekend to look thru to see if there was anything I wanted... it was like visiting a thrift shop! There were so many vintage linens and things. I wanted to bring it allllll home, but I had to limit myself. She did have an old Singer machine, with cabinet and several feet thingys and some stitch disks.... but since I already have my grandma's old Singer and I have no space for another, there was no way I could take it (especially having no idea if it runs, but I would imagine that it does...)

It's always fun to find cool stuff!!!!