Monday, September 23, 2013

Serendipity: 1960's American Cars

As old cars go, I happen to love early 1960's American cars the best. I think it is a combination of the streamlining/downsizing from the behemoth 1950's models along with all the little extra trim and style touches. My first old car was a 1961 Mercury Monterey, we had the car from 2005 until just last year.


It was awesome to drive, ran smooth as silk on the highway, but I ended up feeling the car was just too big for me. I eventually want something smaller, you know, down the road. On my list of favorite 60's American cars is the 1964 Ford Falcon,


the 1962 Chevy II,


and the 1963 Mercury Comet.

The very popular Comet.
However, at the very top of my most-wanted list is the Mercury Meteor. It's my dream car. There weren't very many made, it was released just after the much more popular Comet, and was only in production from 1961-1963.
We haven't seen many Meteors around these parts. There was a 4 door with faded gold paint that we saw for sale a few years ago in Milwaukee, but the price wasn't right for us at the time. We've also seen a white Meteor at car shows here in the Midwest, but it's never been for sale. I had just come to the realization that when it was time for us to look for another car, I probably wouldn't be buying a Meteor.

1962 Mercury Meteor Custom 2-Door Sedan

And so, it was kind of a shock to see a 1962 Meteor pop up on Craigslist for sale in our area on Friday, especially one that was purt' near all stock, in decent condition at an awesome price. My biggest impulse buy ever, people. EVER. We bring it home tonight, meet my new (old) dream car, a 1962 Mercury Meteor:

She's solid mechanically, and I can drive it immediately. Cosmetically, it looks like you would expect a 50 year old car that has been driven to look; the paint has seen better days and the interior has a few little rips and tears. We're not planning on doing a damned thing to her this year but drive her before it's time to put her away for the harsh Midwest winter.

More coming soon about the 62' Meteor!

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Michelle said...

Awesome! I'm jealous! I once had a 'not so nice' 1962 Falcon. I cried when I had to let it go.