Thursday, December 12, 2013

Polynesian Scrap Quilt Finished!

Weekend Getaway 01

Remember this stack of vintage Polynesian scrap squares?

Polynesian Scrap Quilt Front
I just finished the half-square triangle quilt stitched out of the squares! It measures about 56" X 56" square, and I'm sorry I don't have a place to photograph the whole quilt  in the house. I usually take pictures outside, but it is bone-chilling Chicago cold out there, so this will have to do!

I learned a lot about half-square triangle blocks while putting this quilt together. Mostly, that the method I used for making the HST (which included sewing along the bias of the soft, drapey vintage fabrics) caused some wonkiness in the finished blocks. I couldn't really tell until I had stitched the top together. The wonkiness caused more issues with the quilting, too. I wanted to follow the diagonal line made by the HST's, but since they were not perfectly straight I had to adjust the best I could with the stitching. In the future, I think I'd either pin a lot more before stitching or use a method where you stitch the HST's together with paper to help stabilize the bias while stitching.
Polynesian Scrap Quilt Both Sides

I wish I had been able to find a print close to some of the scraps in the same sort of colors - but that was just wishful thinking! I chose a backing that kind of sort of matches many of the blues on the front. Good enough for me, anyway!
Polynesian Scrap Quilt Back
I used the last of the half square triangles to make a few diamonds for the back, which I really like.

Fidget absolutely LOVES this quilt, and I'm guessing it's because of all the bright colors. She was absolutely hugging the wadding right out of this little quilt as soon as I had the binding stitched on. So, since I didn't really make this for any particular reason (other than feeling totally compelled to use up those scraps), this might end up becoming another quilt for Fidget!


ChristaQuilts said...

The quilting on this is just lovely!

Fran said...

This so beautiful! Fantastically bright & gorgeous!

Jennifer Stolzenbach said...

Bright and beautiful!!