Friday, April 11, 2014

Fidget's First Service Project

I'm currently helping Fidget's Pre-K teacher with a service project that involves all of the children (and is Fidget's first charity quilt!). All of the Pre-K kids drew designs on white squares of fabric with brightly colored fabric markers, and these are being stitched into crib sized charity quilts. Here's one top that I just finished on my ironing board.

Great looking drawings, right?

The squares with the drawings end up being 10" in the quilt, the sashing between the pictures is 1" strips, and the border ends up being about 2" wide. So, the finished quilt is just about 36ish X 45ish inches.

The kids colored enough squares to make 5 quilts in total! Each quilt has a different color theme to pull it all together. I'm currently stitching together the orange quilt top.

I finished the first one a few weeks ago with a bright bubble-gum pink color - it's hanging in the school right now. So, I have the dark pink, orange, blue and green to finish up next.

We'll be donating these quilts through Project Night Night to a local shelter in our area that serves children, and all the kids in Fidget's class are excited to see there drawings going to help other children.

I have a whole lot of other projects brewing in the background, but I just need to finish all of these before moving on to the next thing!

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Mary Colter said...

Nice projects! Congrats to Fidget and her classmates.