Thursday, June 12, 2014

Broken/Not Broken

There's been a whole lotta fixin' going on around here! Unfortunately, one of the things that needs fixin' is my Meteor.

Poor old girl stalled out pretty suddenly last weekend just a few miles from home. We couldn't get it started again and had to have it towed back home. Sigh!

Luckily, my husband is Mr. Fix-it-all, and we spent a few days working on the Meteor this week. It turns out that fixing a car isn't that much different than fixing a sewing machine - start ruling stuff out that might be causing the issue until you figure out what's broken. And so, we've thoroughly checked the electrical system, and the fuel delivery system all the way up to the carburetor, all in good working order. Everything checks out so far but the Meteor is still broken. Next on the checklist is to troubleshoot the carburetor, which at the very least we know we can replace if it is totally broken.
On to more broken stuff!
I recently bought a totally broke-down and dirty Singer 201-2. It looked awful, and I actually bought it for parts to fix another broken 201-2. However, once I got it home I discovered that this machine actually worked, and had very little wear-and-tear on the inside parts. Outside was a different story, it was completely covered with a brown ick, almost like hard water deposits, and it was very difficult to remove. Ick I tell you, ICK!
But the little old Singer cleaned up well both inside and out, was completely re-wired, and works like a champ! No longer broken!
Not only is it working great, but this little Singer has a brand new home - it's new owner picked her up today, and plans to spend LOTS of time with her, double-plus good!

Sometimes all this broken stuff gets me a little off-track, and I haven't been sewing on any of my projects in about a week. But I've managed to squirrel away about an hour this afternoon (right after I finish typing this blog) and will sit down to quilt a bit on my red log cabin project! And, hopefully, nothing else will break around here (knocking on wood my friends, knocking on wood).


hilary said...

I was just going through your past posts. In an April entry, there was a picture of your sewing room. Do you remember where you found the clapper that's shaped like an iron? I'd love one of those. Thank u.

Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy said...

OH MY GOODNESS- do you mind if I borrow the 'before' pic of my new baby?! I can't wait to show Blair this, this is amazing :)
I'm sorry about yer car - boo!! But it's a pretty cool car!
Thank you SO much again, I so appreciate this, and I will take awesome care of this machine!