Sunday, June 29, 2014

Project Finish: The Red (Monochromatic) Quilt

I finally finished the Red (Monochromatic) quilt that I started in Jacquie's class earlier this spring at the Paducah, KY quilt show.

I made each of these three modern log cabin blocks separately, with LOTS of help from Jacquie! Working with this kind of improv piecing technique is difficult, as I kept wanting to just make the same block over and over again, I had to really THINK about making each one different.

Jacquie also suggested putting all three blocks together in a very asymmetrical composition. The quilting was a total experiment, as I didn't want to just quilt an overall design on the whole thing. I wanted the blocks to almost look like they are floating out from the white background. As with most stuff I make, I'm not sure I like it at the moment, but am very glad to have it finished!

The colors in this quilt are an extension of my color study: I used a monochromatic color palette, all different tints and shades of RED. I do plan on making some more studies with other classic color combinations using the improv piecing techniques I learned in Jacquie's class, it will be good practice for learning more about colors and modern log cabin piecing.

Now I'm on to quilting that vintage fan top, remember that one? I've got it basted and plan on a combination of some simple machine quilting along with hand quilting in the fans. Hope to have it finished soon!


Nanna said...

love how the red pops ou!


Pamela Koppleberger said...

I have a difficult time doing improv for the same reason. I keep repeating the same design, even though I think I've done something different. Your blocks turned out beautiful and the setting gives it an improv feel. Red is my favorite color.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Pamela!