Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A New Project (That's Kicking My Ass)

I've had this totally awesome, exciting idea all year long for making a medium sized-ish quilt based on a Color Theory exercise, one where the colors of the color wheel are arranged in a new way (based on how the student feels about the colors). I messed around with my design on paper for a couple of weeks, and finally recorded my favorite design in my sketchbook back in February. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the sketch, and want desperately to see it rendered in fabric!

So, I've meant to start this project all summer long, but had a feeling it was going to be a challenge for me (read between the lines, challenge = pain in the ass), so I've conveniently found ways to put it off for the past two months.

I finally started working on this project last week, the first steps are trying to figure out how to faithfully transfer my tiny, exacting design drawn in my sketchbook into a larger quilt pieced with fabric. Now, let me say right here - I'm not at all sure I'm fully capable of making the final design as perfectly as I'd like it to. And there's the challenge; find a way using all my skills to try and pull this off.

Because I'm not sure if I can even pull it off, I'm a little afraid to share my little sketch with you until the whole thing is finished. Well, that, and then there's still the feeling of shock at having one of my original designs magically rendered by someone else and pictured in a magazine and credited as their very own original design. Yes - fear of having my design rendered by someone else before I even finish my own (is that crazy?).

I started with what seemed like the simplest idea to transfer the design to a larger quilt, which was making some measurements for how to cut the pieces and assemble them. I did a test with the first few rows of the design.

The test showed that I wasn't getting accurate enough using this method. Score 1 for the project, and 0 for me! My next idea will be more accurate where the piecing is concerned (or so I think), but it's also a longer process. I'm starting this week with making a few preparations, and hope to do another piecing test soon - which I'll share with you here, and hopefully can show the finished project in the coming weeks along with the original sketch. Or, I'll have to admit defeat and move on to something else!

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Andres said...

I'm excited to (eventually) see this quilt.