Friday, April 17, 2015

Sneaky Weekend Sewing...

I've got a plan for sneaking some extra sewing in this weekend!

Since my custom antique treadle isn't getting any action down in the basement sewing room, I "temporarily" set it up in the living room - you know, just for the weekend.

I'll be able to sit right by the big sunny windows and treadle-away all weekend while my family is watching TV or just hanging out. I've got lots of piecing to finish, perfect busy-work for the treadle machine. It's quiet enough that it won't interfere with whatever else is going on at the same time - much quieter than an electric machine.

And speaking of treadle sewing, have any of you quilted with a treadle? I have not been able to find a walking foot for this machine that works at all (it's an antique Singer 15 class), and I'm wondering if I fiddle with the presser foot pressure and use a straight stitch foot if I can do some simple quilting. Any advice for quilting on a treadle without a walking foot?

So the real sneaky part is that I'm hoping my family likes this spot for the treadle as much as I do - and that it can be a more permanent fixture in the living room. I like the thought of getting in a little piecing or sewing without having to disappear down to the dungeon sewing room!

Really looking forward to getting at least a little sewing in this weekend! How about you, are you planning on sewing at all this weekend - what are you stitching up?


Faye Lewis said...

Such a gorgeous view looking across that room to the sewing machine!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I bought a walking foot made to fit vintage feed dogs from Cindy Peters. I've used mine on my Post WWII Japanese 15 class treadle. It works great. The key is to match the feed dog sizes to each other.

Gavin Henderson said...

Take a look at Lizzie Lenard's Vintage Sewing blog. She does all her free motion quilting on a Singer 15K treadle. I am almost certain she does straight line quilting on the same machine using a cording/zipper foot. Her blog is great and she has posted videos of her quilting set up.


Dora, the Quilter said...

Yes, I quilt on several antique/vintage machines in treadle irons. I never use a walking foot; I've not found it necessary. I lower the feed dogs (although that's not mandatory) and use a regular darning foot, moving the quilt with my hands. If you've done regular sewing and piecing, your brain has already learned how much you need to move the fabric to keep your stitches even.
And I too love how much quieter treadle machines are!
I hope you'll give it a try. (Your repainted machine is really fun to see!)

Marla said...

I bought a generic walking foot to use on my 201 treadle (and other antique Singers), and it works okay, but not great. It's quite possible that the skill of the operator may be a factor as well! I do all my piecing on old Singers: treadles, hand cranks and a couple of electrics. A few years ago I bought an old Bernina 930 that I use for quilting (and when I need to zigzag) and it works like a charm. Your treadle looks great in the living room, by the way.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Marla! I am still on the lookout for a walking foot that will work with the old treadle. I know some of my readers have suggested free motion quilting, but that's not my cup of tea! Best - Erika